Breathe Counseling & Clarity Center

Seeking guidance to address anxiety, depression, and trauma is a courageous act.

We are not meant to carry life’s burdens alone. Friendship, family, community, and belonging are basic human needs. In fact, humans cannot survive without these things.

Admitting you can’t do everything on your own is a massive step toward mental wellness and fulfilling relationships.

Normal is a myth. We are each unique persons with life tasks, lessons to learn, and a valuable, irreplaceable, and divine combination of physical and personality traits, strengths, vulnerabilities, hopes, and goals. Each of us is responsible for creating meaning in our lives, and without it, we endure a perpetual crisis of loneliness, purposelessness, anxiety, and hopelessness. I use evidence-based practices to help you develop self-knowledge and awareness, healthy coping strategies, and effective relationship skills to successfully contend with life as it is. But we don’t stop there. As your symptoms of anxiety and hopelessness lessen, you will gain the freedom to examine your life’s purpose and resolve issues that are keeping you from a life worth living.

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I look forward to helping you make the first step toward well being.

How can therapy help?

Because the way you cope with the world is greatly influenced by how you see the world, seeking a new perspective through therapy is often the most profound step toward healing.

I want to equip you to take on challenges, move past them, and reach a sense of peace, purpose, genuine self-esteem, contentment, and joy.